3 Mind Blowing Essentials For Building A Home Theater On A Budget

Think home theaters are an option that's only available to the rich and famous? The truth is that there are home theater options for nearly any budget. If you have a spare room, you can probably afford to turn it into a home theater. Of course, the sky is also the limit for home theater equipment, so you'll have plenty of room to upgrade as your budget allows.

Still, getting started without breaking the bank can seem intimidating. Fortunately, you've got plenty of options to start your journey. These three essentials can help you create a mind-blowing theater experience in the comfort of your own home without needing to take out a second mortgage to afford it.

1. All-In-One Surround Systems

Speakers are typically the largest expense when building a home theater, at least if you aren't going ahead with custom room treatments and major modifications to your home. In the past, home-theaters-in-a-box (HITB) could sometimes have a reputation for poor sound quality or bad value. However, many respected manufacturers now produce quality boxed systems.

While purchasing separate components will still usually lead to better sound quality, the value of boxed 5.1 or 7.1 systems is undeniable. If you want to get started on a budget, you can get great sound and an all-in-one package by choosing one of these systems. Still, make sure you work with a professional home theater shop to help you choose a system that offers affordability and quality.

2. DIY Acoustic Treatments

One component many people forget when designing a home theater is the room itself. Your room can have a massive impact on sound quality, with everything from the size of your space to the shape of the walls impacting how your speakers will sound. In many cases, splurging on high-end equipment won't do you much good if you don't first address acoustic issues with your room.

While hiring a professional to help you develop a custom acoustic treatment plan is best, you can still do a lot alone. Acoustic panels and bass traps are excellent options to reduce noise, eliminate unwanted frequencies, and minimize echoes. By reading up on the basics, you can substantially improve the acoustics of your room without spending too much money.

3. Upgraded Subwoofers

If you spend much time in movie theaters, you know that bass can make a huge difference. While overall sound quality is still paramount, better bass can add to the excitement of action-packed movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, weak bass is a common drawback for many packaged all-in-one surround systems. An inadequate subwoofer can bring down even good speakers.

The good news is that subwoofers are usually one of the most straightforward components to upgrade since there are fewer concerns with matching them to the rest of your speakers. Purchasing an all-in-one system and replacing the subwoofer with a higher-end model can be a cost-effective way to take your budget home theater to the next level.