• Springfield 2009 Greeters Award
    2009 Springfield Greeters Award

    2009 Springfield Chamber of Commerce Greeter of the Year recipient Judith "Coach" Conrad - awarded by 2009 Greeter's Committee Chairs Leo and Danielle Alapont.
    I am very grateful.

    Listen to the Good News Radio Program

    We are taking a break from normal radio broadcasting and are broadcasting on a ‘one on one’ basis.

    Put Spirit in your Biz and Biz in your Spiritual Work!”

    Judith Conrad Radio
    Each week we will focus on a theme based on your:
    * Solution Needs
    * The astrology of the season and reason
    * Your birthday numerology cycle
    * Training to delve into that your own “Deep Listening and Deep Questioning”.

    How does this theme relate to your own inner work and career work?
    * We focus on your meditations to open to that inner zone where your guides, angels and all answers exist.
    judithconradradio.com radio schedule ON DEMAND.

    Who is Judith Conrad?

    Judith Conrad is a Personal, Business and Intuitive Coach with intensive Intuitive Development study and Archetypal & Symbolic Tarot Exploration.

    Judith Conrad is a practical (Bottom Line) Intuitive. She always knew she was unique. On May 5, 1984, Judith attended her first Intuitive Development Class.

    It was love at first sight, sound and feeling. It was as if she had come home. Now you must understand that Judith was a German and Spanish Teacher at a large high school very practical, using logical skills in her teaching career. She was looking for a new career using her foreign languages. Wow, now the ideal career was presenting itself-INTUITIVE WORK! At that time, this career was not what she had expected.

    She has since studied with Marcie Calhoun, author of “Are you really too sensitive?”, Dr. Jean Houston in her New York Mystery School and with the Mystery Schools of the Andes in Machu Picchu, Peru. She has a successful practice in the San Francisco Bay Area,in Mount Shasta and now in Eugene, using her Intuitive Skills on the radio for 14 years and in her “Measure for Success” Coaching Program.

    Dearest Judith, I just wanted the opportunity to thank you again for your brilliant lectures. Your ability to unite the masses astounds me! You are able to bring a group of people together, who are practically strangers and unite them with wisdom, love and energy. Your use of the tarot cards is simply magical. I always have an amazing experience when I’m in your presence. You are an inspiring teacher and a blessing. I’m still processing all the information you provided us with at the New Living Expo and I’ve already put it into practical use. Thank you again for everything and I joyously look forward to seeing you next year at the very latest! Much love to you, Judith!!! Love, Angelique April 28, 2006 at the New Living Expo in San Francisco. (CD available)

    Judith Conrad
    A Coach for All Reasons

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