Four Types Of Drain Equipment Available To Rent For The Do-It-Yourself Homeowner

For the do-it-yourself homeowner, there is a lot of drain work that can be done, if you have the right equipment. Unfortunately, the right equipment can be expensive. The good news is that much of this equipment is available for rent. The following are four types of equipment that you can rent, and how it can help you with your drain problems:

Small and medium sized rooter machines

These are designed to clear clogged drains inside of your house. The smaller sized machines are hand held and driven by a motor the size of an electric drill. These are ideal for a bathroom sink or a clogged shower. Stoppages that are not too far from the trap. There are medium sized machines that are best used for stoppages that may be further down the drain pipe. These are also best used after the trap is removed or when you access the drain from a clean out.

Large rooter machines

These machines are specifically designed to remove a stoppage in your main drain line that connects to the sewer line in the street. They have the strongest cables with powerful motors, and with a sharp blade on the end of the cable, they are able to cut through the toughest of roots and other thick obstructions.


This tool is used to clear your toilet when it is stopped up. When you use a plunger without success, it is often due to an object being lodged in the toilet. By using an auger, you can grab hold of the object and pull it up and out of the toilet. The only other option to fix the issue yourself is to remove the toilet and take it outside. You can often clear the object from the bottom of the toilet. But this is time-consuming, and it is easy to break the toilet. A better idea is to simply rent an auger.

Drain line video cameras

If you have a persistent problem with your main drain line, whether it is a suspected leak or persistent clogging, you can get a pipe camera rental to inspect the drain line. A camera and a light are mounted on a cable that is fed into your main drain line. As the cable moves through the pipe, you can view the inside on a television screen. You will be able to determine the cause of the problem: tree roots, a cracked pipe, or even a misaligned pipe segment due to shifting ground.

Next time you have a problem with your drains, keep in mind that you have the option of renting the equipment and doing the job yourself.